SAMBOX + Anita Barbereau – “Imagination”


“Imagination” is an alluring new single from French artist SAMBOX and cellist Anita Barbereau. Wintry piano tones intertwine gorgeously with Barbereau’s heart-tugging cello work, then traversing into a thumping, spacey synth-touched charm alongside serene rhythmic movements. Jangly effects and an overall prancing instrumentation takes hold at the track’s mid-point. Cello, piano, and trickling twangs converge with seamless cohesion in the second half, carrying “Imagination” to a riveting and satiating finale.

A sense of melancholy persists in the patiently unveiling piano and cello synergy, though also providing a sense of inspiration and hope for a better future. The production’s evoking of “the purity of childhood,” is reflected in the tranquil yet whimsical piano tones, and also the beach-set cover art. “Imagination” is an illuminating, retrospective instrumental success from SAMBOX and Barbereau.

The track is also featured in the genre-based, best-of Spotify compilation Obscure Ambient.

Mike Mineo

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