Space Cadet 64 – “Maybe on my deathbed I’ll say sorry…”


A new single from Space Cadet 64 consumes with a bursting, creative electronic sound. Meet the playfully entitled “Maybe on my deathbed I’ll say sorry for talking shit on anime so much.” Spacey synth rises traverse into chiptune-friendly bounciness and math-rock pursuits, impressing in a dynamic tonal range between amiable color and guitar-laden eeriness, appearing in the approach to the two-minute turn.

The Melbourne-based artist wholly embraces a video game spirit in their creative process, utilizing a Nintendo 3DS program alongside guitar and pedals to craft their beautifully unique sound. Math-rock, glitchy pop, and video game music converge for infectious, atmospheric results.

The track proves entrancing throughout. Steadily simmering synths and ocean wave resemblances are quickly perked up by steady percussion, shifting into a perky effervescence thereafter with gliding synth buzzing. Caffeinated arpeggios and guitar inserts provide vigor and variety throughout, cementing Space Cadet 64 as a project I’m excited to follow.

Look for the project’s second EP, Disappointingly Bassic, to release in the near future.

This and other tracks featured this month can be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Emerging Electronic’ Spotify playlist.

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