Thanks Light… – ‘Wildcatting’

Wildcatting is the newly released album from Thanks Light…, a band from Austin, Texas. They excel with a varied rock approach here, from the contemplative modern rock of “Liberty Hill” to southern-rock throwback “Man of Good Intentions.” Rock, folk, and country sentiments intertwine with melodic, well-produced allure throughout.

“Liberty Hill” opens the album with an introspective motivation: “I’m going back to Liberty Hill, to get my mind right, and find my chill.” That refrain appears throughout amidst warming, guitar-forward jangles and twinkling, with references to beachside-set locales furthering the sense of escapism; it’s a concise, lovely opener. The previously featured “Feel My Love” follows with tender, adoring qualities.

Following an opening one-two punch with ample immediacy, “I Am Fire” engrosses with its atmospheric, steady unveiling. “I am fire,” the vocals let out amidst frolicking guitars, with the “gone, gone, gone,” hook enthralling amidst playful piano; the aesthetic reflects a modern folk-pop whimsy, with lusher vocal sentiments rising cohesively into the moving string-laden emotion.

Bouncy keys and debonair vocals cast a sturdy Americana feeling on the captivating “Man of Good Intentions,” excelling especially as guitar twangs and saloon-set piano converge. Closing the album with satiating impact, “Leave in Love” struts a strong anthemic appeal, alongside a depiction of “a person’s development and outlook years after a failed relationship.” A fervent vocal rise sends chills between points of lusher introspection. Wildcatting is a stellar showing from Thanks Light…, who continue to ascend.

These and other tracks featured this month can be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Emerging Singles’ Spotify playlist.

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