A New Music Submission Platform That Actually Helps Independent Artists Promote Music

If you’re an upcoming artist promoting your music career and have recently finished producing a new song, read on!

From our experience as former artists in the music industry, we know that the process of music promotion can be quite difficult for most artists. It is safe to assume that artists are better at creating and producing music than they are at promoting it.

Many independent artists who are constantly busy promoting their new music are unable to answer the question “How do I promote my music?” arises.

Until now, once an artist has finished producing a song, they must become a promoter for the next month and a half. 

One Submit was built out of this frustration, and our mission was to solve this problem for artists.
One Submit is a music submission service, created by Oren Sharon, a songwriter and producer who struggled to promote his music. Oren decided to build a platform that would strive to help artists promote their music easily and effectively.
HypeMagazine and Magnetic Magazine have also voted One Submit as the best music promotion site.

Their motto is that artists should be artists, not promoters. When it comes to promoting music online, artists need to have a tool that is easy to use, effective and result-orientated. 

With One Submit, artists can submit their music to curators on six different platforms.

  • Spotify Playlists
  • TikTok Influencers with up to 4 million followers
  • Youtube Channels
  • Music Blogs
  • Radio Stations
  • Record Labels

Until One Submit, artists had to go through platforms one-by-one to find appropriate playlist curators to submit their music to or simply use other submission platforms that fell short in terms of results and platform diversity.

One Submit’s services have made artists’ jobs exponentially easier as they no longer have to search for suitable curators.

This comprehensive, all-in-one platform guides indie artists to their dreams by getting their music heard and exposed both fast and efficiently. 

Submit music to Spotify playlists by the size of followers or listeners

One Submit is the only platform that gives artists the option to submit music to playlists and filter them by size.

For example, artists’ music could be featured in 10 playlists with 20,000 to 50,000 followers or in 25 playlists with 8,000 to 20,000 followers, all within the artist’s selected music genre. This saves time, whilst additionally being price-adjusted as each playlist size comes with a different price tag.

These options do not exist on competitor platforms, making One Submit a powerful tool for aspiring artists.

For each music submission, artists will also receive a personalised written review to whom they submitted their song. If the curators finds their music suitable for his playlist, channel or blog, they will add it.

TikTok Music Submission
One Submit is offering TikTok music promotion to TikTok influencers, from 500,000 followers up to 4 million followers. TikTok services use a music approval format, meaning the TikTok influencer must approve the song and use it on one of their videos, or the artist will receive his money back.

Is it suitable for every artist? 

To use One Submit, your music needs to be of the highest grade. Don’t try to submit a demo or an unfinished track as you will likely be rejected by the curators your music has been submitted to.
Make sure your song is high-quality and has been mastered correctly.
Additionally, you must know your music genre since you are submitting playlists with it.
If you’re not sure about your music genre, look for similar artists and find out their music genres.
For more information, read about Spotify playlist submission.

 An artist review page

What happens if a curator does not accept your song?

If a curator rejects your work, they must still provide you with a written critique. You can use it as feedback to improve your song. However, you don’t have to worry; One Submit has over 1,500 saved playlists, channels and blogs to submit your music to. If a curator does not approve your work, the likelihood that other curators will approve your work is still high.

Some key notes artists should take into consideration:

Your song must be on streaming platforms for it to be submitted to Spotify playlists. An additional advantage here is that you don’t need an electronic press kit to make use of our platform.

If you’re developing a music marketing plan and you’re passionate about promoting your music, you should deeply consider using One Submit. The platform currently accepts only songs in English, spanish and instrumental music. 

You can visit One Submit at: www.one-submit.com


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