Easy Sleeper – “Timekeeper”


Los Angeles-based act Easy Sleeper exude a breezy, jangly rock charm on new single “Timekeeper.” A track from their upcoming album, out this fall, “Timekeeper” enamors in its dynamic vocal range — spanning from contemplative steadiness to shout-y, anthemic pulses. “Timekeeper, half sleeper,” the lead vocals let out into melodic guitar flourishes past the two-minute turn, making for an especially compelling sequence as erupting guitars and ardent vocal stimulation take hold. “Timekeeper” has us firmly anticipating the band’s forthcoming album.

Guitarist and vocalist Douglas Guttenberger elaborates further:

“Pressure, in the form of time, is a never-ending facet of human existence. Any other living entity wouldn’t care a whiff; however, the curse of human consciousness ensures it is always hanging around. It’s up there in the nether regions of the mind. It’s there on your wrist. Your bedside table. Your kitchen appliances. It is ever-present. Like the thought of an impending Monday back in the office—even though 5pm on Friday has just arrived. Or after conquering a daunting goal, a brief burst of joy is cut short by thoughts of “what bill is next and when is it due?””

This and other tracks featured this month can be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Emerging Singles’ Spotify playlist.

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