Gianfranco Pescetti – ‘DAYSTAR NOCTURNAL’

Abundant in riveting atmospheric soundscapes — propelled often by melodically caressing synths with sporadic guitar infusions — DAYSTAR NOCTURNAL is the latest album from Gianfranco Pescetti. Featured previously with tracks like “Stopless” and “Be My Ghost,” Pescetti continues showcasing a striking sound — inspired by moody pop acts like Depeche Mode and The Cure, in addition to electronic-minded influences like Flying Lotus and Röyksopp.

“My intent with this album was to toggle back and forth between lighter, melodic, and playful tracks and more serious, ambient explorations of sound while pushing the boundaries of traditional genres,” Pescetti explains. The opening “Clownspunk” is exemplary of such, with a compelling atmospheric unfolding. Flickering percussive elements and gentle piano evolve into a spacey synth immersion, exuding an effervescent intrigue. “Obsidian” is another standout, particularly captivating in its nostalgic new-wave guitar tones and its interactions with trickling synth power.

“Be My Ghosts” engages quickly with its pulsing electro-pop vigor, showcasing Pescetti’s brisker capabilities. Fit for a late-night club with neon lights, this track excels in its driving synth undercurrent and hypnotic rhythmic additions. Leading into previously featured closer “Stopless,” “Fogbound” is another excellent showing in the bright, brisker electro-pop realm. DAYSTAR NOCTURNAL is another quality showing from Gianfranco Pescetti.

We discovered this release via MusoSoup, as part of the artist’s promotional campaign.

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