Rusty Reid – “The American Villain”


A timely rock mystique shows throughout “The American Villain,” a recent single from Seattle-based artist Rusty Reid. The track is another success from Reid, who impressed a few months ago with throwback rocker “The United States of Selfishness.” “The American Villain” continues the political focus, emphasizing the challenges in America and other nations, and how issues like climate change require immediate action — and specifically, electing individuals that do not pose a threat to the collective well-being of humanity.

“He is a nightmare, he is a scourge,” the initial vocals remark amidst jangly guitars, musing on how “The American Villain” possesses the seven deadly sins — just has half the country smitten just the same. A string-laden synth feeling complements the “sixty-three million cultists will follow him down,” scathing, traversing into the debonair title-referencing hook and ensuing guitar emphasis; the track’s mid-point dazzles with its atmospheric guitar work, especially. “The American Villain” is a melodic showcase in political expression from Rusty Reid, making for a quality follow-up to “The United States of Selfishness.”

“Whether many know it or not, we are now in a struggle for the survival of the human family… and, indeed, the livability of the planet,” Reid explains. “There are very evil currents running through the un-united nations. I feel more artists should be lending their talents to these “cultural wars.” Alas, most would rather sing about how sexy or cool or sad they are. It’s time for everyone to wake up and see what is happening to our world. Hey, we can still dance… while we are saving it.”

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We discovered this release via MusoSoup, as part of the artist’s promotional campaign.

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