She’s Excited! – ‘Moments of Sonder’

Ranging from infectious electro-pop movers to serenely memorable soundscapes, Moments of Sonder is an engaging new album from She’s Excited!, the project of Anne Wichmann. She describes the release as “a concept album around the phenomenon of ‘sonder,’ an instant realization that every person has a life as complex and complicated as your own.” Wichmann is also half of previously featured project superWAV, alongside her brother Volker.

Standout track “Perforated” balances punchy pop immediacy and eerie piano-laden momentum, with the catching “your soul is perforated,” refrain proving infectious with its debonair vocals and thumping rhythms alongside brassy blares. Its energetic charisma enamors, sitting cohesively alongside fellow album cuts like “All I Need (feat. Komputer),” which touts a mellow and soulful disposition into spacey synth-forward illumination.

“Hello brain, it’s been awhile,” the vocals let out on another highlight in “Hello Brain (feat. Mike Estabrook),” another showcase in dynamic electro-pop engrossment. A trip-hop mystique lingers in the spacious verses, with trickling keys and murmuring bass that traverse into the “we can allow different world views,” charismatic proclamation with seamless cohesion. Brass emerges with compelling qualities here as well, carrying into the conclusion.

“A Mother’s Flame (feat. Clara Francesca)” closes the album with caressingly lush entrancement. The lounge-friendly, spoken-word enchantment reminds aesthetically of Black Box Recorder. Scenic synths and chilly vocals assemble for a brief yet impactful finale to this riveting album from She’s Excited!.

“Celebrity Parade” and other tracks featured this month can be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Emerging Singles’ Spotify playlist.

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