Skimo – ‘Connected Memory’


UK-based artist Skimo blends dance music scene expertise with atmospherically consuming production on his debut album, Connected Memory, which marks the return from a ten-year hiatus. “This album is a conversation with my past,” Skimo says. “After years away from music, diving back into the creative process felt like I was digging through an old stack of records, piecing together the fragments of my old self with the wisdom I’ve gained along the way. Connected Memory isn’t just music; it’s the sonic representation of me rediscovering who I am and what truly matters.”

“What We Could Have Been” opens the album with atmospheric captivation. Whirring synth pads produce a wintry soundscape reminiscent of Boards of Canada, while a more club-ready infectiousness arises in the murky vocal sample infusions and hypnotic rhythms. The title track follows, intriguing with prickly synth strikes alongside a caressingly lush backing. The opening one-two punch is a showcase of Skimo’s atmospheric talents and knack for evolving structural builds, persisting with success throughout the album.

Another highlight, “Let It Fly” incorporates a haunting vocal presence alongside dynamic synth tones. “Watch the aura,” the mesmerizing vocals exude alongside an arpeggiated synth excitement, evolving into an industrial-friendly buzzing thereafter. The track emphasizes Skimo’s ability to cohesively infuse entrancing vocals into their atmospheric electronic mixes. Also featuring Ash, “Was I Always There” succeeds in a similarly ethereal aesthetical realm, while pulsing synths and airy vocals stir on “Take My Hand,” concluding the excellent Connected Memory with a satiating effect.

This track and others can be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Emerging Electronic’ Spotify playlist.

We discovered this release via MusoSoup, as part of the artist’s promotional campaign.

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