Eli Waltz – “The Ocean”


“The Ocean” is a captivating, dynamic folk stunner from Eli Waltz — immersing in both its understated ooh-ing and howling vocal passion. Impressing in the past with tracks like “Writer’s Block” and “Tibetan Bones,” “The Ocean” lends a dark mystique in similarly compelling form.

“She dances on sand, trampling castles in her wake,” the vocals let out a sense of foreboding, lamenting “I’m a land-locked man,” and a victim to another one’s tides. A wordless vocal passion sends chills thereafter, venturing into a tale of heartrending beckoning that plays as “an ode to the woman who can steal and break hearts as easily as mending them.”

“She won’t cry me a river, she won’t rain on my parade,” Waltz’s vocals begin into an escalating fervency, musing on the concepts of time and love into the multi-vocal warmness passing the three-minute turn. A fervent assembly of vocals leads into the conclusion with scorching entrancement, capping off “The Ocean” with passionate finality: “She is the ocean, and the waves are fate. She dances on sand trampling castles in her wake.”

This and other tracks can be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Emerging Indie Folk’ Spotify playlist.

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