Nick Marks – “Dedication (for Gabi)”


A magical production that blends wordless vocal beauty with a neo-classical instrumental glow, “Dedication (for Gabi)” is an engaging new track from New York-based artist Nick Marks. Arta Jēkabsone’s vocals are enthralling, cohesively implemented alongside upright piano with inventive effects and electronica aspects. The track flows with the seamlessly melodic captivation of previously featured gems from Marks, including the Cinematic Chromatics Vol. I EP and single “Asymptomatrix.”

An inviting escalation takes hold immediately. Gentle piano eases into gently caressing strings, courtesy of Budapest Art Orchestra’s 21-piece string section. Jēkabsone enchanting vocals float with calming immersion, combining with the enveloping strings and trickling piano haunts for a cinematic, chilling quality. The production and songwriting consume, with subtle shifts in tonal ferocity and piano emphasis representing life’s unpredictable tendencies, often beyond our control. The stirring release pays homage to Marks’ cousin, who passed away on March 16th, 2021 at the age of 31 following a battle with cancer. Marks’ audible dedication is apparent in heartfelt, moving form.

We discovered this release via MusoSoup, as part of the artist’s promotional campaign.

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