The Toxhards – “Should We Get A Dog?”


Los Angeles-based band The Toxhards ask “Should We Get A Dog?” with their latest single, meshing a charismatic rockabilly throwback with a raucous power-pop fervency. Written during the band’s 2023 fall tour, the track is inspired by meeting many canine friends during those travels.

“We’d crash on the couches of several different friends and family all over the country, and we met many of their dogs that we just loved,” they explain. “The reality of not being able to have a dog ourselves while being touring musicians was a bit sad, and “Should We Get A Dog?” was born out of weighing the pros and cons of dog ownership with our lifestyle (the ultimate answer being “We’ll just take the dogs on the road!”)”

The fun-loving, “just take them on the road!” finale is preceded by a perky rock arsenal preceding. The initial “I wrote this song,” declaration conveys a Sun Records sort of throwback rock inspiration, with doo-wop-y vocal reflections rousing into the clap-laden touches and rockabilly “hit the gas!” push. “Should We Get A Dog?” is a catchy, no-frills success from The Toxhards.

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