Jakk Da Rhymer – ‘Shit Outta Luck’ EP


A ceaselessly gripping hip-hop allure shows across the Shit Outta Luck EP, an upcoming release from Jakk Da Rhymer, releasing on April 25th. The EP marks his first collaboration with Philadelphia-based producer Hafafuk, and also is Jakk’s first release for Madcap Records.

“WNYU (Intro)” aptly introduces Jakk Da Rhymer, while noting his artistic pursuits getting underway back in fifth grade. The heady mystique of “Young Squalor” follows, emphasizing his evident talents. Percussive pit-pattering and cinematic vocal sample eeriness guide into the commanding lead vocal flow. References to black crows outside the window further that delectably ominous drive, as ghostly backing vocals and sporadic piano adornments add beautifully to the production. The lyrics stir in conveying a drive to “get up out the motherfucking chains,” while the beast is calling; the artful prose conveys desire and temptation within a visceral, tempo-intense vocal delivery.

“Everyday Cretins” is another standout, continuing Jakk’s fast-paced vocal flow and lyrical entrancement. Themes continue to resonate in alignment with the “still falling,” ethos, reflective of the chain-breaking desire and — on this breezier delight — striving in “balancing my heart and soul,” in differentiating right and wrong. Even amidst sky-falling doomsday prospects, “Everyday Cretins” struts an empowering drive within playful keys, dreamy backing vocals, and a confident lead. The Shit Outta Luck EP is a surefire success from Jakk Da Rhymer, exemplary of his enthralling vocal dexterity and Hafafuk’s intoxicating beats.

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