Post Death Soundtrack – “Burrowing Down the Spine”


An enthralling blend of alt-rock, metal, and industrial-tinged grunge is showcased on Veil Lifter, the new album from Vancouver-based duo Post Death Soundtrack. Comprising Stephen Moore and Jon Ireson, the project shows a gripping sound on the release, and particularly on standout track Burrowing Down the Spine,” which releases alongside a surreal music video (above).

Veil Lifter shows a philosophical thematic exploration, with the title referencing the phrase “lifting the veil of ignorance.” “Ideas from Advaita, the Gita, Zen and philosopher’s like Krishnamurti find their way into the concepts and lyricism here and there, Moore explains. “But for the most part, this is a purely raw album intended to evoke deeply personal emotion, as it was written from a truly dangerous place.”

“Burrowing Down the Spine” wastes no time, unveiling a murky guitar crawl that immerses into a menacing vocal suaveness. A darkly futuristic foreboding is conveyed in the imagery, while the lyrics exude a fittingly visceral engrossment in the title-referencing sequence. The “finger points to the void,” vocal sweltering captivates fully, satiating into the stellar conclusion.

Stream the band’s new album, Veil Lifter:

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