Stevie Cornell – ‘Some Sweet Dream’

The impressive sophomore album from Stevie Cornell, Some Sweet Dream touts a timeless appeal in its rock and folk interweaving — showing a late ’60s and early ’70s nostalgia in particular in its range from rockabilly approachability to far-out psychedelic successes. The dynamic approach makes sense for the Santa Rosa-based artist, who has spent decades succeeding across a variety of styles — from his work in Americana band The Movie Stars, to retro/rockabilly act Red Meat.

Cornell’s debut LP caught our ears in 2022, and now Some Sweet Dream continues to display a knack for memorable, throwback-friendly songwriting. The highlights are numerous. “Last Time I Count on You” is especially riveting in its thumping bass and jangling guitar progression, with admittances of being “too blind to see,” rising into a haunting assortment of responsive backing vocals and piano adornments.

Another highlight, “Courage” plays with a heartrending folk warmness. “Courage, I won’t let you down,” the vocals conclude, stirring with its portrayal of perseverance. The ensuing “Dark Are the Windows” embraces a rockabilly nostalgia in its frolicking guitar presence, while “One More Time” concludes the album with ravishing impact, as lonesome vocals drive through the night with ample mystique. Some Sweet Dream is another memorable output from Stevie Cornell.

“Last Time I Count on You” and other tracks featured this month can be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Emerging Singles’ Spotify playlist.

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