The KYN – ‘Harmony Head’ EP

Denver-based collective The KYN follow up a very strong 2023 with a standout debut EP, Harmony Head. Soulful pop dynamics resonate throughout, melding jazz, soul, and R&B alongside captivating performances from vocalists/producers Brionne Aigné (B.E.T.’s Next Big Thing), Halle Tomlinson (The Voice), and Matt Campbell (Samecloth, Campbell Collective). The release follows a series of compelling singles over the past year — catching our ears previously with “Own Way,” “Pure Imagination,” and “Love Don’t Know.”

Originally formed by multi-instrumentalist Callum Bair, The KYN continue to enamor with a sound that bridges timeless-sounding appeal, in the vein of Curtis Mayfield and Stevie Wonder, with modern pop elements. Opening the EP is a tasteful cover of “Kiss Me” by Six Pence None the Richer, exuding a smoky R&B entrancement in its hypnotic mix and responsive vocals. Less saccharine and more atmospheric than the original, the cover is an enjoyable showcase of the project’s musicianship and palpable sense of nostalgia.

Also featuring the gripping vocals of Brionne Aigné, EP finale “Fallin” struts a gorgeous atmospheric construction. The “you catch me fallin’,” vocal refrain soothes alongside tender guitar twangs, embracing a beautifully melancholic yearning. The Harmony Head EP is a thorough success from The KYN, whose sound continues to impress with its atmospheric and melodic precision.

Mike Mineo

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