Maffa Rico – “Sunburn”


Impressing in suave, funky intrigue and spirited pop hooks alike, “Sunburn” is a new single from Maffa Rico, a project based in west Los Angeles. Singer and multi-instrumentalist Bradley Giroux blends funk and jazz influence alongside a clear ear for pop hooks, and the result is a sound that’s instantaneous while also being intriguing in a structural and tonal sense. Giroux is also notable for his mixing and engineering work for a variety of musicians, ranging from Bon Jovi to The Doobie Brothers.

“Sunburn” represents the third single from Maffa Rico’s upcoming album, Honeymoon Phase. Bass-heavy verses complement a suave vocal drive — “lying face down in the sun.” Acoustic shimmers lead a catching, more pop-ready sequence, where the vocals prove more caressing and inviting. “Sunburn” is a replay-inducing success from Maffa Rico.

Per the band:

“This song tells a story of a girl in early adulthood battling with her own self-will run riot. She doesn’t listen to anyone or anything she doesn’t want to and “has it all figured out.” The chorus playfully touches on this sentiment by using the analogy of a sunburn.. When you don’t protect yourself or take in more sun than you should, its inevitable that you will get burned.”

This and other tracks featured this month can be streamed on the updating Obscure Sound’s ‘Emerging Singles’ Spotify playlist.

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