stillyoung – “Freak Like Me”


Oakland-based artist stillyoung thoroughly impresses on their debut single “Freak Like Me,” celebrating honesty and relationships that value emotional intimacy, despite its often daunting prospects. The artist’s own personal journey with sobriety and self-acceptance echoes in these resonating themes, which on “Freak Like Me” blends a grooving rock and pop intertwining within these ardently impactful sentiments. “To be emotionally intimate is scary, because it leaves you vulnerable to getting hurt,” the artist explains. “So I cherish people choose to be open with me and trust me with their feelings authentically.”

The “if you choose to trust a freak like me,” vocal drive enamors amidst melodic guitar pulses. Steady vocals compel alongside the chipper guitar tones and introspective lyrical drive. Quainter segments, like the spoken-word undercurrent past the one-minute turn, glides seamlessly into the bass-laden warmness, like the “doesn’t see any future with me,” acknowledgement. “Freak Like Me” is a resonating success from stillyoung, thematically reflective of the artist’s strong valuing of emotional honesty and personal introspection.

We discovered this release via MusoSoup, as part of the artist’s promotional campaign.

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