Extra Space – ‘Green Season’

A dreamy, warming blend of rock and folk compels on Green Season, an impactful new album from Extra Space. The project’s name reflects its early uncertain phase. Joey Puleio (jjoey) and Chris Kyle originally aimed to tidy up and reorganize their shared rehearsal space in Brooklyn. As they worked, they started organically exchanging ideas and creating music. This collaboration led to the project’s formation while they were clearing out their studio. Subsequently, they recorded their debut album, Green Season, which boasts a stellar array of songwriting.

A folk-ready entrancement opens the album via “Puddles,” adorned with jangling guitar infusions alongside gentle acoustics. “Will the beams break and flood our senses?” the vocals ask in the final minutes, capturing the daunting passage of time. “Pace” follows with a more rock-forward immersion. Frolicking, lush guitars complement a sporadic vocal enticement with yearning captivation, evoking the hypnotic tracks of The Walkmen.

A beautifully dazed arsenal of soothing vocals and reflective guitars enchants on “Tall Tales,” reminiscent of The Clientele in its steady-paced, rainy-day allure. A serene take on Nirvana’s “In Bloom” flows thereafter, providing a notable tonal shift from the original into a relaxed, guitar-flourishing mold, succeeding firmly in doing so. The twangy, Americana-touched haze of “Toothpaste” continues the enthrallment.

“Cig” continues to exemplify the band’s gripping songwriting, impressing alongside the stirring finale “Spiral Stares,” which caught our ears last month. Trickling guitars and introspective vocals guide “Spiral Stares” with inviting allure, stirring in its portrayal of self-embrace. “All the chatter in your brain, saying grow your hair long,” the vocals engage, enveloping alongside gorgeous guitar work, a frequent characteristic throughout Extra Space’s riveting Green Season.

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