Ghost Wounds – ‘Slow Apocalypse’ EP


Lehigh Valley, PA-based band Ghost Wounds deliver a consuming rock sound on their Slow Apocalypse EP, described as “three songs about personal, national, and global devastation.” The EP immediately immerses listeners in a gritty, unapologetic rock ethos, starting with the propulsive “Fate of Lust” — which echoes an early ’90s rock nostalgia — and concluding with the delectably frenzied ardor of “Inferno.”

“Fate of Lust” sets the EP in enjoyable motion. Twangy guitars drive into pulses of distortion, crafting ample momentum as steady vocals admit they “don’t know who to blame.” The angst-y lyrics and escalating vocal culmination is captivating, channeling a no-frills rock sound that reminds of acts like The Pixies and Pavement. “Crossed Heirs” follows with a hazier rhythmic backing; the sludgy bass line and quaint percussion complement jangling guitars with climactic charm. Roaring guitars and ferocious emotions envelop during the chorus, declaring “we are all crossed heirs!” — reminiscent tonally of early Manic Street Preachers.

EP finale “Inferno” enthralls in its relentless vocal ardency and hard-rocking embrace. “What’s the consequence?” they ask, emphasizing the “consequence,” aspect into a moody, grunge-friendly descension. The vocals maintain their passion throughout the dynamic tonal fluctuations, as foreboding references to a quick death launch seamlessly into sharp, excitable guitar distortion. The three tracks on the Slow Apocalypse EP consistently compel in their satiating escalations and rock-forward vigor.

Mike Mineo

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