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Erich Mrak – “No Ways”

Soul / R&B
December 2, 2020
Erich Mrak again impresses, this time with the track “No Ways.” The Toronto-based artist describes the track as “what happens when you’re a drink away from collapsing and spilling your feelings, when you should’ve said good night and gone home.” The track initially was more in the v...

Erich Mrak – “Girls”

August 6, 2020
A catchy new track from Erich Mrak, “Girls” tout a funky rhythm section and suave vocal lead — with a vibe fit for dance-floor yearning. “Initially “Girls” was titled “Boys” and centered around the dynamic of a close female friend of mine going through heartb...

Erich Mrak – “See You In September”

January 8, 2020
Toronto-based Erich Mrak had a strong 2019, impressing with well-produced tracks like “Drive,” “Fake It,” “Navigate,” and “Riptide.” The latter two tracks capture an atmospheric, nocturnal spirit that is immediately appealing, so it’s enjoyable that Mra...

Erich Mrak – “Riptide”

June 19, 2019
Erich Mrak’s blend of hip-hop and electronica continues to engage with new track “Riptide,” a lush entry featuring tranquil vocals and contemplative synths. The track from the Toronto-based artist is part of a 6-song EP being released as singles from January to July. “Riptide”...

Erich Mrak – “Fake It”

April 25, 2019
Erich Mrak has thoroughly impressed in the past with a number of tracks, , and his new track “Fake It” succeeds as well. A follow-up to previously featured tracks “Navigate” and “Drive,” “Fake It” features a brooding feel, with lyrical sentiments regarding ho...

Erich Mrak – “Drive”

March 29, 2019
Following his single “Navigate” (featured in February), Erich Mrak’s “Drive” explores “an early memory of Erich’s from February 2017, involving an impromptu drive, a birthday party, and Bon Iver’s “33 God”.” Aptly, considering the memory-focused theme, ...

Erich Mrak – “Navigate”

February 13, 2019
“Navigate” is the first of six singles Erich Mrak is releasing over the next six months, which will culminate in a new EP. This starting point is a spacious, atmospheric success. Alongside his in-house producer Bento, Mrak crafts a hypnotic sound with mellow vocals, led by buzzing bass, melodic...

Erich Mrak – “Think About It”

February 28, 2017
Hip-hop artist Erich Mrak – born in Ottawa and based in Toronto – impressed last year with “Float”, a lush success featuring gentle guitar work, brief brass samples, and soft synth adornments. Rather than the forced intensity of some hip-hop acts today, Mrak continues to opt for res...

Erich Mrak – “Float”

October 19, 2016
Toronto-based Erich Mrak shows a smoothly accessible sound on his track “Float”, released this past August. His vocal delivery touts a hip-hop flow, but one that’s restrained and lush in accordance with the gentle guitar work, brief brass samples, and soft synth adornments. Bento’s ...