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Figurines – Figurines (2011)

Figurines’ eponymous fourth studio album has a lot in common with another import from Denmark: Hamlet. Like the Dane, Figurines has a lot of ideas and a lot of drive but is often less than successful in bringing those ideas to ...

Second Look: Hometowns

After the release of their most recent album Departing this year, Ben takes a look back at their memorable debut, Hometowns. After lukewarm acclaim for Departing, he looks at Hometowns for clues about where the Advantage could ...


Laugh, It’s a Fright

The best way to get a feel for a band is to hear them live. It’s a great way to start a review, too; the presentation is a vivid description of the group’s power onstage, a retelling of the moment you realized that ...