Interview with MVI

Our interview with MVI (Mark Vickness Interconnected) explores the new album 'In The Rain Shadow,' the creative impact of a move to the high

Interview with Summer Houses

We chat with Portland-based band Summer Houses, a group of best friends whose latest album 'Frantic Hearts' stirs with its background inspirations and rock

Interview with Lyia Meta

Your vocal performances on your new album Always You are breathtaking; the contralto vocal range meshes gorgeously with the tasteful, orchestral-laden arrangements. At what

Interview with Brady Harris

Your latest EP, Hotel In The Sky, is full of quality, timeless-sounding songwriting. I’m reminded at points of Lennon, McCartney, and Paul Weller. Was

Interview with Mr Missy

You have described your fantastic new album, Looking For You, as “the true story of one man not realizing what he was looking for

Interview with Paul Supreme

Your new track “Ninja Sword” deftly balances a nocturnal synth lushness with an upfront, stellar hook while being rich in metaphor. What’s the central

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