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Joanna Newsom perfects her style

I won’t get into the infamous Pitchfork server leak (fun), as you’ve most likely read about ten editorials by now on the topic. Anyways, one of few significant albums that made their way through was some new materia...

Jellyfish are fun.

For some bands, it was a shame that the early 90s were completely absorbed in the grunge movement. Jellyfish were one of them, as their focus on catchy power pop with obvious influences of bands such as Queen and The Beach Boys...


Shugo Tokumaru

Who is Shugo Tokumaru? Many have never heard of him, though some know that the talented musician from Tokyo, Japan is a budding star. He has released two albums — Night Piece (released in 2004) and the more recent L.S.T. ...

ALBUM PREVIEW: Grizzly Bear – Yellow House

Lo-fi music has long had a stereotype of intentionally sounding low budget, and though that term may be a bit exaggerated, some people often wonder how music of a lo-fi variety can have a lasting impact to an aware listener. Ba...


ALBUM REVIEW – The Sleepy Jackson – Personality (One Was A Spider, One Was A Bird)

The Sleepy Jackson’s debut ‘Lovers’ was a real treat and would probably ease into my top ten of the decade thus far. It was like taking a time machine through the history of pop music – starting at The B...


Though Hal‘s debut album, Hal, was released in the spring of 2005, it will most likely always be remembered as a summer album. The Irish quartet consists of brothers Dave (guitar/vocals) and Paul Allen (bass/vocals), Step...