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Video: David Lynch – “Crazy Clown Time”

Any directorial effort from David Lynch is bizarre and oddly unforgettable, his new video for “Crazy Clown Time” being no exception. Lynch describes it as “an intense psychotic backyard craziness, fueled by be...

Obscure Sound: Best of November 2011

So here we are... the largest Obscure Sound compilation ever made. 21 tracks, 83 minutes. Enjoy.


David Lynch – Crazy Clown Time (2011)

Expectations for David Lynch’s first album revolve around two reference points. The most glaring is to his idiosyncratic work as a filmmaker. It is expected that Crazy Clown Time will contain the darkness and mystique of films ...

Stream: David Lynch’s “Crazy Clown Time”

The master of the dark and bizarre, David Lynch, continues his foray into the world of music with Crazy Clown Time, his first record as a solo artist. So far, it sounds like a meshing of his film’s soundtracks (Angelo Bad...