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The European Sambassadeur

I am interested to see what this decade brings to Swedish pop music. One would be hesitant to call the ’00s a moment of global emergence for the movement, especially considering that the country has been generating qualit...

Sailing the Pacific!

One Jens Lekman lyric that remains so humorously memorable to me was a line on “The Cold Swedish Winter” which remarked that many people have assumed his native Sweden to consist of nothing but “porn and gonorrhea”. Regardless ...


REVIEW: The Tough Alliance – A New Chance

Though currently only available as an import, this Swedish dance album is worth every penny of the hefty import price.

The Sacred Sailors Look to the West for Success

Most of us have grown accustomed to hearing a set standard in Swedish music over the past few years. Whether the typical Swedish artist delivers clean indie-rock like Peter Bjorn & John and The Concretes, lyrically exuberan...