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Jonny Greenwood to Score PT Anderson’s ‘The Master’

  Radiohead guitarist Jonny Greenwood is scoring another Paul Thomas Anderson film. The Master (title unconfirmed) is centered around a religious cult led by Philip Seymour Hoffman. It also stars Laura Dern, Philip Seymour...

New Radiohead DVD: From the Basement

Radiohead will be releasing From the Basement, a DVD of the band performing The King of Limbs in its entirety. The DVD is available at thekingoflimbs.com for pre-order. While no release date has been set, it is guaranteed that ...


Radiohead – The King of Limbs (2011)

The King of Limbs contains some of Radiohead’s most fascinating material to date, even if it lacks the infectious aspects of rock and electronic that their past releases flaunted. Their eighth LP sits more in the realm of Kid A...