TV On The Radio – Dirty Whirlwind


This is a brand new song from the upcoming album, Return To Cookie Mountain, from TV On The Radio. Their first album, Desperate Youth, Blood Thirsty Babes had a very warm reception. I could classify them as post-rock very easily, as well as the political aspects they bring. Vocalist Tunde Adebimpe is one of the few African-Americans in indie rock, and the viewpoints in his lyrics on culture and respect in general are admirable and a breath of fresh air. ‘Dirty Whirlwind’ instantly caught me on their new album, and it turns out to be a wildly consistant song. The production in their songs are usually top notch as well.
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The Boyfriends – A Fearless Heart


A very talented band from London, citing great influences from Suede. While the musical aspect of the song is great and catchy, I believe the lyrical standpoint of the song is great as well, often going unnoticed. Vocalist Martin Wallace sings, “Just like a giant guarding his garden, you built a wall around your heart. A wall impossible to scale, serving to only keep us apart,” very gracefully and fitting. He’s told me it’s his favorite song to sing live, and I can see why, as he sounds great doing so. Their debut album will debut in mid-2006, and it’s personally one of my most anticipated albums for this year.
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Felt – Down But Not Yet Out


A great song from an underrated band in the 80s. Drawing comparisons to The Smiths, ‘Down But Not Yet Out’ is from their classic 1986 album, Forever Breathes The Lonely Word. People question me on this — but Lawrence Hayword’s vocals somehow remind me of Bob Dylan. Maybe it’s a personal thing, and it is more noticable on some songs than others, but I find it to be really cool. Felt are a great band, and I recommend their whole catalog.
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  1. i LOVE felt! “under a pale light” & “penelope tree” are a couple of my favorites — thanks for posting! xxoo c

  2. i LOVE felt! “under a pale light” & “penelope tree” are a couple of my favorites — thanks for posting! xxoo c (oh & have you heard denim?? i never have & am sort of afraid to to be honest — might break the spell)

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