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The Occupy America Mixtape

Protest movements often result in music that is repetitive and uninspiring, if only for the small number of widely identifiable protest songs. You shouldn't be forced to listen to "The Times They Are a-Changin'" twenty times pe...

Lewis’ L’Amour, 1983

Shades of Springsteen’s Nebraska bristle within Lewis’ subtle yet stunning compositions. He gently plucks his acoustics, touting a bluesy swagger with a touch of reverb. Throughout L’Amour, the virtually unknown artist plays pi...


The Haret

The Haret sound like a 1940s Mississippi blues quartet that would be far more comfortable on the front porch of the general store than a modern music venue or bar. Instead, live recordings have revealed that frontman Ryan Baer ...

Girls – Broken Dreams Club (2010)

Christopher Owens reached indie-rock gold by the end of last year. After steadily putting out a handful of singles throughout the year – “Hellhole Ratrace” in July and “Lust for Life” in September ...


Jeremy Fisher’s Flood

Three years removed from his last full-length album, Canadian sensation Jeremy Fisher follows through with his most complete album yet. Released on October 25th, Flood is an outstanding collection of indie-folk tunes that will ...

Best Albums of 2009: #40 to #31

Part two of our five-day feature broadens the coverage of this year's finest albums.


Foreign Born, LA Bred

Foreign causes are often distinctive enough to warrant recognition on their own. Food is probably the most common instance of this, with the international food industry comprising for a substantial bulk of food sales in the US....

Jolie Holland Awakens the Living and the Dead

Experience is invaluable toward the delicate craft of music. Despite some ingenious qualities, all artists have only a limited amount of entirely imaginative ideas with little to no personalized dimensions involved. Their perso...


The Helio Sequence Learn to Sing Again

Taking a voice away from a vocalist is like taking away a pen from a writer, a brush from a painter, and the means necessary to express genuine ideals from any type of artist. Though Brandon Summers will always have his skills ...

Kasey Anderson’s Day of Reckoning

Americana has taken quite the beating over the past couple of years. The genre appears to be the custom choice for overplayed car commercials and embarrassing NFL promos, giving the namesake for rootsy American folk a bad reput...