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The Fiery Furnaces – Waiting To Know You


We all know who The Fiery Furnaces are! You know, that brother and sister (and sometimes grandma) duo that have one of the most distinctive sounds out there. While I’m a big fan, people often complain to me that they aren’t accessible at all. I guess people aren’t patient enough to let certain songs grow on them, because they are certainly a grower band. Anyways, ‘Waiting To Know You’ is straight off their new album, Bitter Tea, which releases later this year. To all those impatient folks, I have some good news though, this may be the most accessible Fiery Furnaces song to date. Really though, it’s quite good. I obviously hear an oldies influence here. I strongly suggest to click the buy link below, as Bitter Tea is going to be great.
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She Wants Revenge – Broken Promises For Broken Hearts


Another band taking stride in the post-punk rebirth. Vocals are easily comparable to Ian Curtis/Paul Banks/several other people. This is my favorite off their album, despite the horribly overdrawn emo name. The album tends to drift onto more of an electronic show at times, though the thing that separates them from several bands in the pack are songs like this.
Video: Tear You Apart

Archie Bronson Outfit – Kink


Now this is fun. This song reminds me of The Fall in so many aspects. The second track off of their upcoming release, Derdang Derdang, is very anthemic, down to earth, and damn catchy. It’s just a generally fun song that sounds like it could be done even better live. Check out their latest album, it should be good.
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