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The Radio Dept. – Clinging to a Scheme (2010)

One of Sweden's premiere electronic-pop acts releases their first full-length album in four years. With both infectious and atmospheric moments, its inconsistency issues are overshadowed by several gems.

The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble

When projects attempt to be conceptual in both their style and purpose, there arises a sensitive area where criticism has difficulty retreating from the subjective to the objective. What we define as “quality” is premeditated b...


Old Canes Follow the Feral Harmonic

The “Omaha Sound” is one of the few stylistically determinable phrases of this decade that lacks pretentiousness and overwrought conceptual tasks. To describe a stylistic trend during a specific era, we tend to resort to concoc...

Kill It Kid!

Emitting a wide range of emotions is one of the most complex maneuvers in music. Not only because it requires sophistication and a little bit of selfishness, but also due to the varying perceptions of certain feelings among lis...


Noah and the Whale

An appreciation for film is arguably the most common first step in uncovering and eventually admiring the arts. Contrary to the conventional uses of music, photography, or painting, children are exposed to both educational and ...

Barzin Writes Notes to an Absent Lover

Artists that write from a retrospective view often do it for good reason. It is a characteristic that can carry into their music, since reflecting upon one’s experiences with a modernistic mindset can provide aid for their stru...


Hunting Season for Chris Velan

With summer in full gear, some artists have to take a temporary backseat to the seasonal bias that is subtly prevalent in most people. For me, choosing an artist to listen to in my free time is not dependent on the weather, but...

Foreign Born, LA Bred

Foreign causes are often distinctive enough to warrant recognition on their own. Food is probably the most common instance of this, with the international food industry comprising for a substantial bulk of food sales in the US....


A Successful Mission for Caledonia

It is always a safe bet to name your band after a great song. The name alone could easily grab the attention of many listeners, as most of us can recite our favorite songs word-for-word and consequently have the title phrase em...

The Dubious Ranger’s Weapon

The integration of humor and satire into music can be an incredibly complex process. By coming across as humorous or self-depreciatingly witty, an artist tends to imply a sort of nonchalant demeanor that can either benefit thei...