Indie music labels must feel like the last kid picked for kickball at this point. Though many people are overplaying it, many of you know that Best Buy’s “Artists Outside The Mainstream” lists many indie albums at $7.99. That’s great, right? Well, people concerned with the marketing ethics aren’t very pleased. Recently, indie music label Digital Rights Agency is upset at Sprint’s downloading for only including major labels such as EMI and Sony. The business, advertising, and profiting talk will never cease regardless of whatever new methods company brainchilds come up with. It needs to be taken more in stride, because complaining isn’t going to do much. ( source )


Neko Case continues to get a great amount of press. I keep seeing major publication, one after another, with an article about her. I guess she would deserve it though, as she is riding on the strength of her newest album, Fox Confessor Brings The Flood. ( source )


High schoolers talk about dressing ‘indie’. That’s always amusing, right? ( source ). Also, an interesting view of a Yeah Yeah Yeahs show in Jersey. ( source )


Belle & Sebastian continue their success in their great new album, The Life Pursuit, and they are gaining even more new fans on their successful tour with the New Pornographers. Chart Attack’s interview with keyboardist Chris Geddes is interesting and informative. ( source ) 

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