It’s probably only a short while before Pete Doherty gets a documentary about him. The frontman for The Libertines and Baby Shambles was recently charged with seven accounts of drug possession. Because several interview tapes and statements were missing, the trial for Doherty was adjourned until March 23. Like a traditional rock star, he showed up two hours late to court. He also wrote “I love Kate 4 eva” on his car. Doherty never ceases to be amusing. ( source )


New album details from The Raconteurs (Jack White’s new band), Snow Patrol, Gomez, and Radio 4.


Mr. Karma Chameleon (Boy George) had his cocaine charges dropped. He admitted wasting obvious police time and lying that someone broke into his apartment. In all, he will be ordered to pay $1160 and participate in a drug rehabilitation program. Pete and George should collaborate sometime soon. Imagine wannabe reggae with a washed up fashionable icon. ( source )


The highly acclaimed Band Of Horses are beginning their tour. Their album seems to be excpetional, with such destined hits such as ‘The Funeral’. Follow the source for tour dates and the tracklisting to their new album, Everything All The Time. ( source )


More festival news! There are so many great ones this year though. Benicassim is a Spanish festival in its 12th year. The Pixies recently joined with such acts as Morrissey, The Strokes, Franz Ferdinand, Baby Shambles, Depeche Mode, Echo & The Bunnymen, and more. New information is revealed on Frank Black’s new solo album as well. Benicassim will take place from 7/20 to 7/23. ( source )


Pearl Jam’s 2006 tour dates are finally revealed. ( source )


It appears as if the mysterious question of Morrissey’s sexual preference may finally be answered. In his new book, Pete Burns, former star of the 80s band Dead Or Alive, reveals in his new book about a relationship with Moz. Interesting, indeed. ( source )

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