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Drive-By Proposals – Fall Into Shadow (2005)

Ish Marquez is the hidden light at the end of the otherwise tedious anti-folk tunnel. He has the melodic gifts of Arthur Lee, but without any of the failed lyrical obtuseness. Someday there will be a compilation to sand over th...

Interview with The Flaming Lips

At 49, Wayne Coyne and his quartet of space-a-delic freaks have earned a Grammy, covered Pink Floyd’s “The Dark Side of the Moon” in its entirety, and toured relentlessly across the world. Currently on tour for Embryonic, the s...


Of Montreal: 09/18/10 @ Terminal 5

Describing an Of Montreal show is like setting the scene for a circus. Literally. The amount of cartoonish yet elaborate characters, the band-built set of props, the whirlwind of energy… it is difficult to pinpoint which ...

Julian Shah-Tayler

Julian Shah-Tayler was born to make music. Putting out an EP every few months and pumping out 50-70 songs a year is no easy feat, unless you show prevalently the aspects of a well-rounded musician. His robust musicianship is re...


69 Love Songs: (Just Over) 10 Years Later

Jay Mattson takes a look back at one of the finest accomplishments in independent music, Magnetic Fields' 69 Love Songs. Over one decade later, it still continues to amaze.

Tim Williams’ Careful Love

On the heels of next week’s CMJ festival in NYC, Tim Williams is exemplary of the local favorites you are bound to find there. The Brooklyn-based songwriter caught one of his first breaks at CMJ in 2004, shortly after his...


The First Impression of a Total Babe

The importance of a first impression is something that has been stressed since humanity’s inception, with philosophers as early as Socrates noting its role in developing biases. Subsequent eras such as the Tudor period, E...

UltraChorus Goes Ultra-Def

We are producers. We make music for you. This is what UltraChorus convey on their web site, almost sounding like they cater to artists more than listeners in doing so. Such circumstances have the likelihood of create hazardous ...


Come Sing These Crippled Tunes

The Cubical recorded their debut album during the humid Californian summer, complemented by the production skills of a veteran in Dave Sardy whose resume includes Johnny Cash and The Rolling Stones. A reputable producer, a stud...

A Strange Arrangement With Mayer Hawthorne

In an age where audible masculinity is often associated with loud guitars and aggressive screaming, you are really putting yourself out in the open (and taking a few commercial risks) by shaping your vinyl records in the shape ...