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For some, like myself, the Japanese noise scene is full of music that isn’t that enjoyable, and the Japanese pop scene is usually too fake. It’s strange that something right in between could be so enjoyable. Aside from being 20% noise and 30% j-pop, Polysics are about 30% new wave and 20% punk. Polysics…..OR DIEEEEEEE! In case you can’t tell, the band is endlessly obsessed with Devo and other 80’s bands of the sort, and it sure shows, yet the band manage originality. As Spastic (or “Spathic”) as Melt Banana but about 20 times catchier, any headaches Polysics may cause are a much better deal than a saturday morning hangover. Sometimes gimmickey but never without an excess of fun and craziness. Vocals are traded mostly between male singer Hiroyuki Hayashi, female singer Kayo, and Kayo with a vocoder. Sometimes you may wonder if Polysics is singing in English or Japanese. Often the answer is…..no one really knows, though most of the lyrics resemble one or the other slightly. Certainly a great live show with a diverse American fanbase. This band has somehow made its way into the American indie scene (perhaps by releasing their albums via Asian Man Records) but still draws many fat goth kids due to their fame in Japan and subsequent fame among anime fans. Yes, only fat goth kids, are there really any other kind?


Polysics – Each Life Each End (Sputnikless mix)



Polysics – Ah-Yeah



Polysics – Baby BIAS



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