DASHING DEBUTS: The Scruffs – Wanna Meet the Scruffs?

No, The Scruffs weren’t from the UK. They weren’t from New York, Chicago, or California either. They actually hailed from good old Memphis, Tennessee, though their sound is almost entirely British sounding. Their post-Beatles power pop sound was becoming very popular at the time of the 1977 release of their debut album, Wanna Meet the Scruffs? The simply titled album with simple but outstanding hooks generated a bit of publicity, though bands such as The Raspberries continued to rule the scene at the time. After another fun album, Teenage Girls, they disappeared and were not heard from again. Still, they have released some of the catchiest songs of the particular age.

‘Break the Ice’ is a great opener. “Darlin’, love is a lost cause, we can give it a go!” is the first verse of The Scruffs’ short-lived career. Much of the album deals with lost love, though it is performed in an upbeat manner. ‘My Mind’, as the second song on the album, is just as great, along with the more frantic ‘This Thursday’.


The Scruffs – Break the Ice



The Scruffs – My Mind



The Scruffs – This Thursday




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  1. The Scruffs are actually publishing records again. At least Stephen Burns, the leader of the group, with other musicians. Swingin’ singles, 2003, is a pretty good album

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