Frog Eyes are another product of catchy Canadian pop utilizing keyboards, guitars, and anything else that makes any sort of thumping. The most distinct thing about Frog Eyes is vocalist Carey Mercer, whose screams and wavy-like vocals could really only be compared to band mate Spencer Krug and Jamie Stewart, both who are even less eccentric than Mercer. The Bloody Hand collects recordings from the year 2000, as the album has been given a reissue this year with brand new tracks, which I particulary enjoy ‘One Considers Sailing On’. Their sound remains primarily the same, though The Folded Palm may be a bit more accessible to some.

The two songs below are the first two songs on The Bloody Hand. Yes, the names of the songs are as unique as Mercer’s vocals. Somehow, the names of the songs usually seem to fit for some odd reason. ‘Sound Travels From The Snow To The Dark’ reminds me of a slower ‘The Oscillator’s Hum’, but it opens up the album with one of the catchier songs they have produced. Oh yes, of course Frog Eyes can be catchy. As fun as the lyrics can be if you’re making an effort to understand them, the real pleasure in Frog Eyes stems from the infectious melodies combined with Mercer’s vocals and gripping hooks with a flawless change of key. ‘The Fox Speaks To His Wife Who Is Not Quite Sure’ is as fun as the name of the song. Mercer’s vocals begin to show range here with actual understandable lyrics, which combined with the usual ingenuity of the unique melody turns into a great songs.


Frog Eyes – Sound Travels From The Snow To The Dark



Frog Eyes – The Fox Speaks To His Wife Who Is Not Quite Sure



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