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Due to his vocal style, John Congleton of The Paper Chase could have probably reached a certain status of fame if he wanted to make generic high school emo music. But if your love is for music and not money, why would you do that? The reason for the emo comparison is that his vocal style could fit in several genres of music, comparing to early Isaac Brock. The Paper Chase formed in 1998 in Dallas, Texas and they release their fourth album, Now You Are One Of Us this year. Their sound is really quite distinct, using a jagged sort of alternative rock sound with eerie sound clips, similar to that of World’s End Girlfriend. One track off of the new album consists of a child describing someone living in her attic who tries to get her. Creepy, huh?

‘Wait Until I Get My Hands On You’ is just incredibly catchy, especially the climax in the last minute or so. ‘We Know Where You Sleep’ has a killer (literally) chorus as well, combining with Congleton’s perverted and interesting lyrics. Congleton has written all the songs in the band’s discography, and it is rewarding to know that his talents are based around something unique and not typically heard. They realize that this won’t be heard on the popular high school radio stations, but they are gaining an appropriate cult following nonetheless. Also, for some reason, I think the band enjoys zombie films quite a bit. Listen to the songs and I think you’ll see what I mean.


The Paper Chase – Wait Until I Get My Hands On You



The Paper Chase – We Know Where You Sleep



The Paper Chase – You Will Never Take Me Alive



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