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ALBUM PREVIEW: French Kicks – Two Thousand

The French Kicks, almost entirely based from the United States’ capital, formed in the year 1998 just as the sweet and twangy bands that were attempting to sound like the modern Beatles were taking full charge. They are often compared to The Strokes, even though both broke through around the same time. Both bands create some great hooks, but I find The French Kicks to be more consistant in their overall sound and their new album, Two Thousand, which is releasing this year, continues to showcase that.

You have probably heard ‘Also Ran’ on the radio or have seen it on other blogs, and there is a reason for that. The catchy and relaxing chorus is great for summer, and is traditional French Kicks. The surf effect used during the chorus is clearly reminiscent of The Beach Boys, another favorable influence from bands such as these. ‘No Mean Time’ starts off with an acoustic guitar, as various instruments build around it, eventually resulting in a well placed hook. ‘Basement D.C.’ seems to be a tribute to where the band started: in a basement in Washington DC. It is another enjoyable and slower paced song from an enjoyable band, and their new album looks to be nice and fun in the form of their others.


The French Kicks – Also Ran



The French Kicks – No Mean Time



French Kicks – Basement D.C.



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