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It’s lovely Friday, which is the ideal time to get some nostalgia. Yes, I will admit that Duran Duran has released nothing worthwhile after 1983. Yeah, they still make music even while realizing they are quite washed up. That is beyond the point though, as their first three albums were undisputed classics. Known best for ‘Rio’, Duran Duran really were one of the frontrunners of synth pop in the 80s. While they be considered one of the more mainstream acts compared to other synth-pop acts, I wasn’t going to pass up the chance to post three great tracks from their debut album, Duran Duran.

My favorite Duran Duran track would have to be ‘Anyone Out There’. This track actually uses less synths than usual, but it really shows that Duran Duran actually knew how to write brilliant songs at one point. A synth-pop song is usually nothing without a catchy chorus, and ‘Girls on Film’ really captures that. As their first true breakthrough, it still recieves periodic radio play. ‘Planet Earth’ is quite excellent as well, so give Duran Duran a chance… at least for their first three albums or their Greatest Hits.


Duran Duran – Anyone Out There



Duran Duran – Girls on Film



Duran Duran – Planet Earth




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  1. careless memories is probably the best duran duran song ever. it has post-punk written all over it.

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