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Luke Haines

I posted a bit about The Auteurs a month ago, so I thought I’d share some songs from frontman Luke Haines‘ solo career. I’m doing this in anticipation of his new album, Off My Rocker At The Artschool Bop, which is set to be released this fall. Sure, Mr. Haines may be appearing to get older with less hair and more grey, but his charming and delightful songs remain the same. His twinkling melodies and vocal hooks have not changed at all for his solo career, which showcased such albums as The Oliver Twist Manifesto.

The four songs from 2001’s The Oliver Twist Manifesto are certainly different from his other projects. ‘Discomania’ is pure sexual swagger over a catchy and infectious bass until a catchy synth kicks in for the chorus. His suggestive Jarvis Cocker-like lyrics actually fit his snappy vocal style quite well, even when he raps (yes, raps!) in ‘The Oliver Twist Manifesto’. ‘Never Work’ is just charming and beautifully done as Haines delivers the most emotional song on the album. Funny how it is on the same album as ‘Discomania’ and all the rap ballads. ‘Death Of Sarah Lucas’ is an aggressively charged muse about murder. These songs are all great fun though, and his anticipated new album should be great.


Luke Haines – Discomania



Luke Haines – The Oliver Twist Manifesto



Luke Haines – Never Work



Luke Haines – Death Of Sarah Lucas



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