Posted June 30, 2006 by Mike Mineo in Features

Outkast… Still Catchy and Contagious

Sure, I’m not particulary a fan of rap, but some acts are just so catchy and unpredictable, I can’t resist. Well, that may not even apply to Outkast, as many of their songs are far from rap. We’ve seen every genre from jazz to electronica being implemented in an Outkast song, and with their new album, Idlewild, it seems that they are staying true to the formula in creating catchy songs that are irresistable to the hipsters and media masses alike.

Check out ‘Idlewild Blues’… it’s exactly that. Andre 3000 takes control over a surprising blues riff, and yes, it sounds good. ‘Morris Brown’ is from Big Boi, and there are rumors that it will be a single. It’s not hard to see why, with an insanely catchy chorus. Obviously not as catchy as ‘Hey Ya!’, but let’s not set unrealistic expectations. These two songs are a good indication of the quality of Idlewild, which means we definitely should not be disappointed. “Because everyone gets the blues, even babies get the blues.”

Outkast – Idlewild Blues



Outkast – Morris Brown


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