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Jazz and Electronica: An Unlikely Partnership

Jaga Jazzist are expanding boundaries with their stylistic fusion of jazz and electronica. Their new album, One-Armed Bandit, is one of the most thrilling releases so far this year as a result.

Obscure Sound: Best of October 2009

The month of October always seems to root out the Album of the Year contenders, making this and November one of the most active months in new music releases. Similar to the several months preceding the Academy Awards for film, ...


Lymbyc Systym

To say that Lymbyc Systym represent the next large movement might be an overstatement, but their methodology is certainly becoming more prevalent among emerging artists. Almost all of us can remember being enamored with a certa...

The Kilimanjaro Darkjazz Ensemble

When projects attempt to be conceptual in both their style and purpose, there arises a sensitive area where criticism has difficulty retreating from the subjective to the objective. What we define as “quality” is premeditated b...


A Real Life Aficionado

To describe Aficionado as a sudden output of energy would probably the most accurate, as I doubt many bands possess the cumulative energy of this aspiring ten-piece from upstate New York. Ten members who play everything from ex...

Fool’s Gold

The media has an interesting way of molding stereotypes within the music industry, regardless of the feature’s innovation or commitment. If a style, song, or particular theme even slightly resembles a popular mold of the ...


A Holiday Shores Getaway

Nathan Pemberton refuses to abide by the DIY stereotype. He records in his Florida garage with an economical home studio, which supplies just enough firepower for him to make his innovations come alive. But despite the allure o...

Kinetic Stereokids

Although many industry professionals may have a tendency to disagree, there is nothing wrong with the audible expression of youthful exuberance. An immediate assumption would associate this expression with experience, which is ...


Obscure Sound: Best of May 2009

Summery indie-pop, intricate art-rock, and a little bit of blues were the mainstays this month, featuring a bunch of new faces apart from Sunset Rubdown. Their new album, Dragonslayer, is fantastic and their track on this month...

Bowerbirds Fly the Upper Air

Many musicians, regardless of prestige or intellect, tend to emit an appreciation for many varieties of art. They can stand afar as hobbyists of painting or photography, but few are brave enough to venture into being an actual ...