Billy Preston died yesterday at the age of 59. The talented musician was best known for his work with The Beatles and The Rolling Stones, and was often credited as one of the many “fifth Beatle”s. He was also an accomplished solo artist source ). Morrissey apparently asked Linda McCartney to play piano on The Queen Is Dead‘s ‘Frankly Mr. Shankley’, Johnny Marr revealed in a recent interview. She politely declined, not knowing how successful the band would eventually become ( source ). Moz also went on again how The Smiths will never reform ( source ). If he wants the talk to stop, he should be the first one to stop talking.


The Who are getting set to release their first new material in 23 years, with the single ‘Wire and Glass’. That is interesting and all, but the most fascinating thing is probably how the new single stretches over 11 minutes long. It will be the longest single to ever reach the UK charts ( source ).


Rejection by girls is all too common and degrading, but what about rejection by a country? Well, that’s how famous live act Lightning Bolt put it. Lightning Bolt was denied access into Japan. They wrote on their MySpace the interesting bits that happened and how they were forced to stay in a small hotel room. Hey, Lightning Bolt, don’t let your ego strike you! ( source )


The under-appreciated The Zombies will embark on another tour led by frontman Rod Argent ( source ). Thom Yorke discusses why he made his solo album, The Eraser ( source ) and Andrew Bird discusses his next album as well ( source ).


Rappers are getting into more trouble with Maino and robbery ( source ), DMX and traffic ( source ), and Eminem with cell phones ( source ).


New material: Kasabian, J. Dilla, Fu Manchu, Beck, Golden Smog, The Decemberists, Ratatat, Chad VanGaalen, Scissor Sisters, Elvis Costello, Doves, Comets on Fire, Franz Ferdinand, Sleepy Brown, Yo La Tengo, Green Day, The Specials, Mogwai, M. Ward, Ziggy Marley, Ani DiFranco, Nada Surf


New touring: Pink Mountaintops, The Raconteurs, Rolling Stones, DJ Shadow, Silver Jews, Death Cab For Cutie, T.I., Lovely Feathers

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