Head Automatica. Rock Kills Kid. Men, Women, & Children. ON TOUR

Be on the look out in your area. These three bands are touring (and just happen to be playing the same venue in my neck of the woods on the same day).

If you’re in the Detroit area, head over to Clutch Cargo’s in Pontiac on September 7th to see all three bands.

Head Automatica Tour Dates

Rock Kills Kid Tour Dates

Men, Women, and Children are supporting Head Automatica on all their dates… Rock Kills Kid just happens to intersect paths with them in Pontiac on 9/7.

Be their friends on myspace, or just check them out (if you wish):

Head Automatica MySpace

Rock Kills Kid MySpace

Men, Women, & Children MySpace


Rock Kills Kid – Paralyzed



Head Automatica – Beating Heart Baby



Men, Women, & Children – Dance In My Blood


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