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Chris Corner, of more prominent fame with Sneaker Pimps, has been at it for years with a solo project called IamX. His latest album under IamX, The Alternative, was released in May. For those of you not aware of the dark electr...

The Beatings – Holding On To Hand Grenades

The Beatings hail from Brooklyn via Boston, Massachusets. The Beatings make rock n’ roll reminiscent of Sonic Youth, Pixies, and Mission of Burma.The great Paul Q. Kolderie (Pixies, Hole, Radiohead) helped produce their l...



I’ve been meaning to mention these guys for some time now. De/Vision are a German based electronic/techno band that to me, sound basically like a German version of Depeche Mode. Of course, when it comes from Germany it...

Head Automatica. Rock Kills Kid. Men, Women, & Children. ON TOUR

Be on the look out in your area. These three bands are touring (and just happen to be playing the same venue in my neck of the woods on the same day). If you’re in the Detroit area, head over to Clutch Cargo’s in Po...


Tacks, the Boy Disaster

We’re not the first to pick up on this band, but they are indeed worth checking out. Add this one to the list of “bands that don’t have a record deal but should, and probably will soon.” Tacks, the Boy D...

In Philidelphia Tonight? Go see Ours

Ours will be playing in Philidelphia tonight @ Northstar. Go check them out if you’re in the area. They’re playing many new songs off their upcoming third album, plus some of classics off the first two. $15, 18+(?) ...