Lemon tastes sweet, not sour


Lemon is a New York-based collaborative consisting of singer/songwriter Roger Smith and multi-instrumentalist Thor Madsen. Smith and Madsen are heavily influenced by a variety of genres, but their passion for 70s R&B is particulary expressive in several of their songs. Madsen’s ability to play vitually every instrument heard results in some very funky sounds reminiscent of the era of Marvin Gaye and Al Green, as evidenced in ‘Come Alive’, which is led by an aggressive slap bass. They do not limit themselves to this sound however, as songs such as ‘Simpleminded’ remind me more of an 80s theme, particulary of Vince Clarke and Erasure. Roger Smith has a very nice range in his vocals, shifting from R&B to synth-pop very easily. The production efforts are also particulary impressive, with the lush ‘Daydream’ using some very interesting and effective African percussion. The diversity in production reminds me occasionally of a very early Matthew Herbert. The duo simply makes enjoyable and accessible pop music, with influences from several eras of songwriting.

Lemon – Come Alive



Lemon – Simpleminded



Lemon – Daydreams



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  1. I’ve been listening to these guys on MySpace for about six months and they are, without a doubt, the most creative singer/songwriter/arranger team in the business. I own two of their CDs. The singer has one of the best voices to come down the pike since Marvin Gaye and George Michael. They are awesome!

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