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Best Albums of 2011: #50 to #41

...and it begins. The first ten albums are revealed. Check back the rest of the week to see the remaining forty albums.

Gorillaz – Plastic Beach (2010)

With cameos ranging from Lou Reed to Snoop Dogg, Gorillaz's Damon Albarn continues to tout unbelievable consistency and stylistic prowess on his most selfless release yet. It is also one of the most stunning of his storied career.


Best Albums of 2009: #10 to #01

The top ten albums of 2009 are unveiled, capping off the end to a great year in music.

A Strange Arrangement With Mayer Hawthorne

In an age where audible masculinity is often associated with loud guitars and aggressive screaming, you are really putting yourself out in the open (and taking a few commercial risks) by shaping your vinyl records in the shape ...


The XX

In one room sits a huddled group of professionals, ranging from for-pay songwriters to conniving promoters. Their eyes are all on a whiteboard that lists several opportunities for their fledging client on this starry Friday nig...

Micachu Earns Her “Jewellery”

Eccentric personality traits can be quite glaring upon meeting a new person. For me, whether they are artistically focused with a plethora of innovative ideas or radically opinionated to an intolerable extent is often what sepa...


Best Albums of 2008: #50 to #41

by Mike Mineo ——————————————————————————————...

Phoebe Killdeer & The Short Straws

When I was 8 years old, my taste of music was generally limited to conventionally accessible acts in the vein of The Beatles, Radiohead, and Zeppelin. True, no one will deny the significance of any of those artists, but my tast...


Best Albums of 2006: #20 to #11

———————————————————————————————- 20. Band...

Short Bits – 9/2/06

Most well known as the romantic and musical companion to Matthew Herbert, Dani Siciliano will be adding even more to her resumé as she will be releasing her second solo album, Slappers, this month. The album is in succession t...