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The Loose Cannons


When DJs Kaiser Saucy and Lord Fader met at a party in Chelsea, their similar musical intellects caused them to form a DJ double-act together, in which a few gigs gave them a warm reception of local London success. Eventually, the two hungered for more and decided to recruit a full band to aid their catchy dance melodies, thus giving birth to The Loose Cannons. Known for their flamboyant live performances with face-paint, exotic masks, and trippy lighting effects, they have certainly made their mark on their local scene and are slowly but steadily reaching success elsewhere. The band currently consists of eight members, with Kaiser Saucy and Lord Fader leading the electro charge.

They released their new album Muy Fuerte this year, with songs that the band calls “cludge-tickling gutter funk dirt poetry”. I find the album to be a series of hit and miss, with the successful songs really making their mark. ‘Why You’ has a catchy dance-funk groove, using a trance-like song structure to definitively get the beat stuck in your head. The irresistibly titled ‘La-La-La (I’m Not Listening)’ sounds as if the Scissor Sisters (with whom they toured with) had a heavy British overtone, even showing a bit of a Damon Albarn influence. ‘Girls In Hats’ starts out too repetitive even for the genre, but eventually falls into place with yet another catchy result. The Loose Cannons have all the proper tools to produce some huge singles, and with some work, they should get there with their engaging and unique sound. Their only problem with several songs is repetitiveness of overused dance elements, which will possibly be solved over time.

The Loose Cannons – Why You



The Loose Cannons – La-La-La (I’m Not Listening)



The Loose Cannons – Girls In Hats



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