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Gorillaz – Plastic Beach (2010)

With cameos ranging from Lou Reed to Snoop Dogg, Gorillaz's Damon Albarn continues to tout unbelievable consistency and stylistic prowess on his most selfless release yet. It is also one of the most stunning of his storied career.

Let’s Wrestle the Past

Calling a song “I Wish I Was in Hüsker Dü” seems pretty customary for a high school band. Maybe not today, but we can be sure that high school in the mid-‘80s consisted of many kids that would give up their newest c...


Best Albums of 2008: #40 to #31

by Mike Mineo ——————————————————————————————...

Faded Paper Figures

Side projects are an aspect of music that has gradually allowed artists to explore different scenarios, both in a stylistic and collaborative vein, without as much habituated pressure for decades. Considering that many successf...


Gary Reynolds and the Brides of Obscurity

I admit, I have not heard many successful bands with an unabbreviated name as long as this five-piece from Seattle. In fact, I was surprised to find that they fit their name on their album cover. Boasting a whole 12 syllables, ...

Spiral Beach Brings the Ball Home

Imagine what it would be like growing up in the ’60s and ’70s as the offspring of a folk musician. With all kinds of people, from hippies to philosophers, gathering at various folk circuits and festivals, you would ...


The First Great Album of ’08: Martina Topley-Bird’s “The Blue God”

Working in the shadows of a prominent music figure can have both its perks and disadvantages. While such an environment could provide for a bountiful amount of experience and visionary knowledge, it can also create unavoidable ...

Scouting For Girls is Fun

At first glance, I assumed that Scouting For Girls was a well-placed pun in regard to the Girl Scouts. It would have been quite clever — arranging the few words of an organization that preaches mature growth, responsibili...


REVIEW: The Boggs – Forts

Lou Reed opened up his classic 1973 album, Berlin, with the lingering words, “In Berlin, by the wall, you were five foot ten inches tall.” A native of New York City, Reed’s lyrics were particularly striking at...

Popular names with a similar game: Arcade Fire, Modest Mouse, Albarn

This past week has been filled with news of fresh releases by prominent names. Though many would consider these songs to be “leaks” of some form, word is circulating that these artists almost intentionally released ...